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Dental Veneers

If you’ve ever admired someone that had a perfectly aligned and beautifully white smile, the chances are good that they have had dental veneers placed. At Wantirna Mall Dental Surgery, we provide veneers that can transform your self-confidence and make an incredible first impression on the people you meet.

Gain a Gleaming New Look

Illustration of dental veneerPorcelain or composite materials are available for veneers. If you choose porcelain, each veneer is a thin shell that looks similar to a fake fingernail. They’re custom-made to bond seamlessly to the front of your teeth. The look and feel will be completely natural. If composite resin is most appropriate, they’re applied layer by layer to the existing teeth before being shaped and cured.

Veneers are a simple solution to address teeth that are:

  • Broken
  • Chipped
  • Discoloured
  • Gapped
  • Misaligned

Once we have determined that porcelain veneers are the most suitable solution to achieve your goals, your existing teeth will be prepared. Some buffing of the surface of the teeth is necessary so that the veneer can sit evenly on the tooth. A local anaesthetic may be used during this part of the procedure to keep you comfortable.

If you have chosen composite veneers, they are sculpted right onto the teeth, then cured with a light to harden. They are shaped into the perfect look, then polished to a gleaming finish.

Getting used to the shape and size of your enhanced teeth can take time. You will adjust soon, however, and the veneers will feel natural. You should brush and floss as you normally would, with brushing twice per day and flossing once.

We recommend that you return for a follow-up about two weeks after your final veneers fitting so that we can check the fit and make sure that you’re completely satisfied.

Boost Your Confidence

Are you ready to make over your smile? Contact us today to discuss your options! Saturday appointments are available.


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