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Teeth Whitening

Before and after teeth whiteningIt’s normal that over time, your smile doesn’t look as white as it used to. If you’d like to achieve a fresh, bright and beautiful look, your ideal solution may be teeth whitening, which is available at Wantirna Mall Dental Surgery. Our team utilises Pola, a whitening system that is available as a convenient take-home kit.

How It Works

The disclouration of your teeth is caused by stain molecules that have set in. The whitening gel, once applied, turns into water and oxygen ions. The oxygen ions then enter the enamel of your teeth, transforming them into colourless particles. Saliva naturally removes them, leaving you with a gleaming smile.

We’ll always let you know what you can realistically expect before starting.

Take-Home Whitening

If you have a particularly busy schedule, it may be easiest to complete your teeth whitening at home. We offer take-home kits that give you all the materials you need, plus our guidance on getting the best results. You’ll then wear the trays with a whitening gel daily for a period of weeks.

Your teeth may begin to fade after some time has passed. If you have done in-home whitening before, all you’ll have to do is obtain more whitening gel from our practice as you’ll already have the trays, cutting down on your costs.[/tab][/tabs]

Ready for Your Best Smile?

Rejuvenate your look. Contact us today to book an appointment for teeth whitening Wantirna! Saturday hours are available.


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