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Dental Fillings

Teeth can be worn down by erosion, decay or wear, making you feel like your smile isn’t as bright and beautiful as it used to be. The Wantirna Mall Dental Surgery team offers fillings that are made in a local laboratory with different materials available to suit your needs.

When a Filling Is Needed

Mother and two daughters smilingA filling is necessary when a tooth has a small hole called a cavity. Once present, the cavity won’t go away—it will only continue to grow and damage the tooth. If infection sets in, it can spread to other teeth and even cause tooth loss. A filling covers the hole and prevents bacteria from spreading into the tooth, repairing the damage.

What to Expect

Once we have evaluated your oral health, we’ll discuss your options for treatment. If the decay is more severe, it may be appropriate to have a dental crown instead of a filling. If we determine a filling is the best option, we’ll detail the procedure so that you know what will happen each step of the way. First, we’ll numb the tooth and the surrounding area. We’ll make sure you’re completely comfortable before we continue.

Next, the decay is removed from the teeth so that it can’t cause any further issues. We’ll be careful to leave as much of the tooth structure as possible, then disinfect and dry the cavity. Finally, the filling material is placed, allowed to harden and then shaped to perfection.

Today’s most popular option for fillings is a non-amalgam white filling, which is available at our practice. The material they’re made up of is composite resin, which blends in perfectly with your existing teeth. Nobody will know the filling is there. Some people prefer amalgam fillings, which are also available and are particularly suitable for back teeth where nobody will see the filling.

After you’ve had your filling placed, we advise you to refrain from eating or drinking until the numbing agent has worn off, which takes about 1-3 hours. You can feel some sensitivity when drinking hot or cold beverages for a few days. If you’ve chosen composite resin (tooth-coloured) material for your filling, it is ready for you to eat, drink or chew as you normally would after the anaesthetic has worn off.

Want to Learn More?

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