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Children’s Dentistry

At Wantirna Mall Dental Surgery, we offer dental care for every member of the family, from children to great-grandparents. It’s particularly important that children start seeing the dentist from an early age. They can learn healthy oral habits and have regular checks to stop any potential problems from becoming more serious, costlier issues.

Dr Li demonstrating teeth brushing to young patientWe encourage parents to bring their children in once all teeth except for the molars have come in, which is usually around age 2. A child may require a variety of dental services that are offered by our team:

Making Your Child Feel Comfortable

Though checking their teeth and teaching them how to brush and floss is the aim of your child’s first visit, it’s just as important to make them comfortable and used to visiting our practice. Depending on your child’s comfort level, we may not even proceed with an examination on their first visit. Some children want to try going up and down in the chair, meet our team and take a look at the equipment. We’re more than happy to accommodate them and would only proceed with the evaluation once they feel ready.

Just like an adult, a child should have visits twice per year for dental checkups and cleanings. It ensures their teeth and gums are healthy as well as monitors potential issues that may arise. They’ll also become more familiar with our office each time, easing any stress that they may feel and making sure they don’t grow up with anxiety about going to the dentist. We like to make sure they have fun when they see us so that they look forward to each checkup.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule, or CBDS, provides up to $1000 in dental treatment every two years for eligible children between ages 2-17. We’ll be happy to check their eligibility if you contact us with their Medicare number.

Book your child’s appointment today! We offer Saturday visits that work easily into your schedule.


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